Krueger Water Damage

Dear Jeff and Staff,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful and amazing remodeling transformation you did on the cabin. For 40 years, it had been a family cottage enjoyed by my mom and dad and siblings. I had the grand opportunity to purchase the cottage but major renovations were needed. From the very beginning Jeff worked with me to get it to exactly how I wanted it.  Once a cottage, always a cabin, but now a home. Thank You!!!

Joe Krueger


Wiley Fire Damage

My wife and I were extremely happy with the entire building process.  The entire selection of materials and design of the home was so organized and went very smooth.  The extra care and time taken by the employees and sub-contractors was impressive as they worked to make each deadline.  Extra time was taken during many walk through's to make sure we had things just the way we wanted it.  Jeff was willing to meet with us on a weekly basis to let us know where we stood.  We were able to make small changes and adjustments on the fly which allowed us to get the house exactly how we wanted it.  When it came to the finish work on the inside and outside they always had good suggestions to make it seem just right. Throughout the whole building process they always let us know if anything affected our budget and where we stood.  We were very pleased when the house was done and exceeded our expectations.

Christian and Ann Wiley


McDonald Cottage Remodel

When we initially considered a remodel/expansion project for our small family cottage we were sure about our vision but unsure about how to make it a reality.  We are really happy with the result and glad we contracted with Tithof Construction.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Having the opportunity to work with Jeff, and an architect who is part of his team, enabled us to incorporate our input with the expertise of design insight and seasoned experience.
  • It was great to work with someone who has a personal passion for seeing a modest cottage expand to include updated space and efficiency without losing the longstanding legacy of important memories.  For us, that meant incorporating some original knotty pine as an accent wall and maximizing our lakefront view with extra windows.  It was inspiring to see that Jeff's enthusiasm for the project mirrored our own!
  • Tithof Construction stands for a brand of excellence that Jeff is not willing compromise.  The overall commitment to quality and sound construction was evident throughout the project.  Perhaps the most important lasting impression was the value he placed on our satisfaction and the assurance that were were happy with the outcome.  (and we are delighted!)

The McDonald Family